Super Mario Brother’s Shelves


Last year I decided my Son needed some shelves in his room.  But being the Geek that I am, I couldn’t just make regular shelves, that would be too easy…



A little tease of what I have been working on…

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Can you just hear the coin “BLING!” noise in your head right now?

Doctor Who inspired King Sized Red Oak Headboard

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Back in 2002 I thought it would be interesting to make a Headboard for our new King sized bed.  And here it is…


FOR THE HORDE!!! Laptop gaming table.


I made this table because my Wife needed something for the laptop to sit on in my collecting room.  There isn’t any room at the huge desk I have for my computer, and I just bought her a Nostromo N52 gaming controller to play World of Warcraft and it wouldn’t fit on the laptop desk she had.

We couldn’t find a desk we liked, so I built one.