Wait… what? A kissing booth, for The Grim Reaper? Yep!

Over the summer, I saw a funny cartoon of a Grim Reaper in a Kissing Booth at a carnival, with dead bodies all around it.  Being the strange and twisted person that I am, I decided to build one.  I already had the Reaper as part of my Halloween display.  I usually hang him from the carport.  He is just slightly less than life-sized.

So, as I usually do, I made a rough sketch and went and bought wood.  It only took six pressure-treated 8 foot long 2×2’s and 1 sheet of moisture resistant plywood to make it.  It is 6 feet tall.

I made the front first.  The bottom panel is 3′ x 3′.  I just screwed the 2×2’s to the plywood and made a frame around the inside so the plywood wouldn’t warp.  I cut out the heart because I thought it made it look “sweeter”.  Then arched the top.

The side panels are made the same way.  They are hinged with 3 hinges on each side so that the Booth will fold up for easier storage.

Puking Pepto Pink.  Ugh.  It was hard for the guy at Lowe’s to understand why I was buying a can of such icky pink.

And there you go.  All painted with sickening hearts added to make it more innocent and carnival-like.

Here it is in the amazingly harsh sun that we were having at the beginning of October.  The Reaper is usually strung up by wires from his head and shoulders, so he floats.  I rigged up some chain in an “X” behind the top panels and hung him from that.  I also strung up his hands so he would appear to be resting on the front, waiting.

Here it is at night all lit up.  I bought some sickening pink Christmas lights and strung them all around the openings.  The Reaper is lit up with white lights on his insides.  At the after Halloween sales, I picked up 2 almost life-sized skeletons that over the course of the year, will dress up in clothes I find at thrift stores then toss them on the ground as people who took him up on his offer.