I made this table because my Wife needed something for the laptop to sit on in my collecting room.  There isn’t any room at the huge desk I have for my computer, and I just bought her a Nostromo N52 gaming controller to play World of Warcraft and it wouldn’t fit on the laptop desk she had.

We couldn’t find a desk we liked, so I built one.

It’s made from MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard.  Basically, it’s sawdust stuck together with resin.  Great stuff to work with, as long as you don’t get anything wet or moist near it.

I don’t make up elaborate plans with precise measurements and calculations for my projects.  I just sketch it up, figure out what dimensions I need things to be, and go from there.

Right now, I can see the “engineering” woodworkers out there reading this post gritting their teeth in HORROR that I just “wing it”.  HA!

I used that sheet to cut up all the MDF I needed with my Circular Saw.  I didn’t want to drag the table saw outside just to do this project.  I never cut MDF inside.  That stuff is nasty.  The sawdust is like flour.

Next, I started assembly with some Titebond II, a lot of 1 inch brads, 4 bolts, washers, 4 wing nuts and some screws.

I made the table so the height could be adjusted up and down 6 inches to account for future chairs.  I made my own computer desk built into the wall, and to the height of the chair I had at the time, so I am severely limited as to the chairs I can have now.  I learn from my mistakes.

I painted it up with flat black because it dries a lot faster than glossy, and I was going to put coats of gloss Poly on it anyway to protect it.  I printed out the Horde symbol and used it to sketch it out on the top.

I taped out the Horde symbol with the new Frog Tape.  This was my first time trying it.  I HATE THE BLUE TAPE BECAUSE IT SUCKS!  It always bleeds under.

The Horde symbol I painted in gloss fire engine Red.

That Frog Tape works AWESOME!  Great stuff.  Easy to use.  Easy to take off.  And it leaves the most crisp line ever.  My Wife saw it at this point and thought I got a sticker from somewhere.

Here it is all done, with 4 coats of gloss Poly on it.

Yes, even the laptop has a Horde symbol on it.  But that one is a sticker.

It only took me a couple of days total to do it.  Less than 1 sheet of MDF.  I would say less than $30 in materials total.