The Seal of Rassilon

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This is a freehand routing test I did to see if I could hold a router without a template.



FOR THE HORDE!!! Laptop gaming table.


I made this table because my Wife needed something for the laptop to sit on in my collecting room.  There isn’t any room at the huge desk I have for my computer, and I just bought her a Nostromo N52 gaming controller to play World of Warcraft and it wouldn’t fit on the laptop desk she had.

We couldn’t find a desk we liked, so I built one.


Why I’m doing this blog… thing…

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I’m a woodworking hobbyist with a heavy collecting habit.

I like Sci-Fi, tech, computers, gadgets, TV, books, comics and of course my Family.  I have 1 son who I am training to be the next generation of Geek.  The training is coming along well.

I decided to start this blog thingy because I wanted a place to show off my woodworking.  I am a hobbyist woodworker.  I don’t even claim to be good at it.  If you like it, fine. If you don’t, fine.  I just do it for fun.  I was sitting around the other day and realized that I have never really made anything out of wood that would be considered “normal”.  I don’t think up odd and strange things to do, I just end up doing odd things.

I haven’t even been at it very long.  We bought our house almost 14 years ago.  I work in a very small 9 foot by 12 foot room that my tools share with the laundry and the dogs.  Most of the time, I take a table outside to cut boards so I can keep the sawdust to a minimum.  I have made quite a few things over the years.  Some of which I will be posting on here.


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